The value of
strong relationships.

Whether you are creating an experience for your office, restaurant, or hotel, cultivating your relationships with your partners strengthens the core of your business. It sets you and your company apart. With CBTL™, you show your partners that culture of taste. You show them how you value your relationships.

With CBTL™, you show them that you are in the business of excellence.

Your Office,
Made Better

With the CBTL™ Single-Serve Beverage System, you can be sure of three things: accessibility, quality, and productivity. Your premium coffee, espresso, and tea capsules are available wherever you find The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® stores. What’s more, the system is incredibly easier to maintain than traditional coffee offerings. You experience no less than simplicity and authenticity, the perfect pick-up for your team’s work productivity. Nothing says excellence like a CBTL™ in your office.



An Easy Way to
Delight Your Guests

Discover a better way to do coffee. With the CBTL™’ System, say goodbye to the nuisance of coffee grinds and beans; each single-serving capsule makes your life easier, all while providing your guests with world-class coffees, espressos, as well as teas. Your investment returns come from the true elegance of having no less than the world’s best brews in your establishment.

The Perfect Pairing

In the spirit of making taste matter, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has been in the business of making quality beverages that the world has come to love. With your restaurant’s CBTL™ System, you integrate this dedication into your menu. Own this world-renowned class of the finest brews along with your establishment’s signature flavors, and see for yourself what a difference CBTL™ makes.


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