Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I buy the capsules?

    You may buy the CBTL capsules from most of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® stores, or you may order directly from Next Coffee Frontier, Inc. (
  • Can I use the capsules more than once?

    To ensure the highest quality product, it is recommended that you use a capsule only once.
  • What kind of coffee and tea do you use for your capsules?

    We use only the best quality coffee and tea harvests from small artisan farms and private estates around the world. We select the top 1% Arabica beans from Latin America, Asia Pacific and East Africa, beans that are grown at high altitudes (3,500 – 6,000 feet), because cooler temperatures slow the beans’ ripening time and create more concentrated, flavorful coffees. Each batch of espresso and coffee is hand-blended and hand-roasted with care and precision to ensure that it’s done to perfection.

    Our whole-leaf tea is cultivated in the world’s most exclusive growing regions and hand-plucked, using only the top two leaves and a bud. It’s then hand-blended and hand-flavored to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

  • What capsule varieties are available?

    Multiple varieties and blends of espresso, coffee and tea. See all our capsules here.
  • Can I use other capsules with the CBTL system?

    No, other capsule brands are not compatible and might damage the CBTL machine.
  • Whom do I contact if I have questions about my CBTL system?

    Please contact the CBTL Support Service Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm at 688 CBTL (2285). You may also bring the machine to any The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® store for basic troubleshooting.
  • How do I clean the machine?

    1. Turn off the machine. Lift the lever to empty the capsule chamber, then return lever to down position.
    2. Empty and rinse out the capsule drawer thoroughly, then return to machine.
    3. Fill the water tank with the prepared descaling solution (following manufacturer’s directions) and place a cup or container on the drip tray directly under the dispensing spout.
    4. Press the small cup and medium cup icons simultaneously, while turning on the machine. The red and yellow lights will blink, indicating the machine is in descaling cycle. Press the medium cup icon to begin. The descaling solution will run through the machine in approximately 10-minute intervals for a total of approximately 30 minutes. Remember to empty your cup periodically as it fills to prevent overflow, then return to the drip tray. Once the descaling cycle is over, the medium cup icon will blink.
    5. Carefully rinse out the water tank and fill with fresh drinking water.
    6. Empty and rinse out the capsule drawer and drip tray, then replace in machine. Place your cup or container back on the drip tray.

    For more detailed instructions, please refer to your User Manual.

  • What kind of beverages can I make with the CBTL™ system?

    Espresso, brewed coffee, brewed tea and authentic The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Specialty Beverages. For more ways to enjoy our products, click here.
  • Do you provide a standard warranty?

    The CBTL Single Serve Beverage System includes a one (1) year limited warranty.
  • How can I get warranty services?

    In the event that you need information or have questions regarding your warranty, please contact the CBTL Support Service Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm at 688 CBTL (2285).
  • Do you provide an extended warranty?

    Not at the moment.
  • What is covered by the standard warranty?

    The limited warranty protects against defects in materials and workmanship under normal home use for one (1) year from the date of purchase.
  • What is not covered by the standard warranty?

    The limited warranty does not apply to cosmetic damage or any defect resulting from accident, negligence, misuse, failure to follow the product instructions, calcium deposits, improper or inadequate maintenance or repair by anyone other than Company, normal wear and tear, use for commercial purposes, use on current or voltage other than as marked on the product, product alteration, fire, lightning, flood or other external causes.
  • Do you cater to corporate accounts and other businesses?

    Yes, you may contact our team for more information here.
  • I want to open a coffee shop. Can I use this machine for my business?

    Yes, you may contact our team for more information here.
  • Do you have payment terms?

    We have different payment terms for corporate accounts. Kindly contact our team for more information here.
  • Do you accept credit card payments?

    We are still currently building our capacity to accept credit card payments for corporate accounts. However, you may settle using your credit card should you choose to purchase at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® stores.
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