Can I use the capsules more than once?

To ensure the highest quality product, it is recommended that you use a capsule only once.

Are your products kosher?


Can I open the capsules?

We do not recommend opening the capsules.

Chat kind of coffee and tea do you use for your capsules?

We use only the best quality coffee and tea harvests from small artisan farms and private estates around the world. We select the top 1% Arabica beans from Latin America, Asia Pacific and East Africa, beans that are grown at high altitudes (3,500 – 6,000 feet), because cooler temperatures slow the beans’ ripening time and create more concentrated, flavorful coffees. Each batch of espresso and coffee is hand-blended and hand-roasted with care and precision to ensure that it’s done to perfection. Our whole-leaf tea is cultivated in the world’s most exclusive growing regions and hand-plucked, using only the top two leaves and a bud. It’s then hand-blended and hand-flavored to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

What capsule varieties are available?

Multiple varieties of espresso, coffee and tea.