Turn off the machine. Lift the lever to empty the capsule chamber, then return lever to down position. Empty and rinse out the capsule drawer, then return to machine. Fill the water tank with the prepared descaling solution (following manufacturer’s directions) and place a cup or container on the drip tray directly under the dispensing spout.

Press the small cup and medium cup icons simultaneously, while turning on the machine. The red and yellow lights will blink, indicating the machine is in descaling cycle. Press the medium cup icon to begin. The descaling solution will run through the machine in approximately 10-minute intervals for a total of approximately 30 minutes. Remember to empty your cup periodically as it fills to prevent overflow, then return to the drip tray. Once the descaling cycle is over, the medium cup icon will blink.

Carefully rinse out the water tank and fill with fresh drinking water. Empty and rinse out the capsule drawer and drip tray, then replace in machine. Place your cup or container back on the drip tray.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to your User Manual or visit our videos page.