We believe that taste matters, we want to share what it means to have the CBTL™ experience for your home or office. The Showroom is located at the heart of Bonifacio Global City, and serves as a space where you can discover our full range of capsules, machines, and accessories for your private meeting


    • Is attending CBTL Sessions for free?

Yes it is! We believe that learning about the awesome world of coffee & tea should be open to anyone who has the passion for it! Just sign up using the forms on the side to reserve a seat!

    • What are the other dates for CBTL Sessions?

Please refer to the schedule under “Upcoming Events”. We’ll be posting more sessions schedules soon so watch out for those!

    • How come I can’t sign up yet on some dates?

Don’t worry! We’re just making sure the details of these sessions are final! Come back again to check if these sessions are open to sign-ups already!

    • Can we sign up in more than one CBTL session?

Yes, you may! Just fill out the registration form for your chosen dates.

    • Can we sign up as a group?

Yes, we’d love to have your group in our sessions! All individuals in the group should sign up using the forms on the side.

    • Do we need to bring anything?

Just you and your passion to learn more about the awesome world of coffee & tea!

    • What will we learn?

You will learn about the world of coffee & tea! We will also teach you the basics of your favorite The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® drinks! At the end of the session, you will also be able to create your own coffee &/or tea concoction!

    • Do I need to be a coffee &/or tea expert to join?

No expertise needed! As long as you love learning and have a passion for coffee & tea like we do, then you are welcome!

    • Are there freebies?

Yes there will be exciting freebies to be given away exclusively to our session attendees so sign up and invite your friends!

Have a question and can’t find it here? Drop us a note at cbtl@coffeebean.com.ph. We’ll be more than happy to assist you! Thanks! And see you in one of our #cbtlsessions!




BY: Efraim de Guzman

Efraim is one of Coffee Bean’s awesome baristas, a Top 3 winner at the annual Barista Competition. He loves sharing his knowledge about the World of Coffee & Tea and is happy that he gets to share this with all the participants of CBTL™ Sessions!

    • Brew one English Breakfast capsule
    • Add 45ml of White Chocolate Dream Powder
    • Add 2 tbsp of Peanut Butter
    • Add 2 tbsp of Cream Cheese
    • Top it off with Whipped Cream


BY: Christina Lee

Christina is a Korean student who has been living in the Philippines for 9 years, and her favourite drink is the Vanilla Latte. She joined CBTL™ Sessions so that she could create a drink that people would never think of by using a unique mix of ingredients, like Buko Pandan and Almond Extract.

    • Brew one Moroccan Mint Tea capsule
    • Extract one Espresso capsule
    • Add 2 sachets of Stevia
    • Add 1 tbsp of Chopped Dark Chocolate, 1 tbsp of Buko Pandan Extract, 1 tbsp of Almond Extract, Rice Krispies and Chocolate Syrup
    • Top it off with Milk Foam and Marshmallows


BY: Richelle Tong

Richelle is a Real Estate Agent who loves both Coffee and Tea! She wanted to create a drink that combines ingredients that she loves and came up with a yummy coffee & tea concoction!

    • Extract one Espresso capsule
    • Brew one Moroccan Mint Tea capsule
    • Add Chocolate Powder
    • Add Vanilla Powder
    • Stir in Egg White Icing
    • Add Steamed Milk and Foam
    • Add Chocolate Syrup
    • Top with Coffee Grinds


BY: Kimberly Cabanding

Kimberly was first hesitant to submit her drink during the competition was really surprised and happy when her drink was chosen as the winner! She loves Tea Lattes that’s why she chose to create a drink inspired by her favourite and added a little bit of a twist.

    • Brew one Chai Tea capsule
    • Add White Chocolate Powder
    • Add Steamed Milk
    • Add Pandan Extract

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